Sharpie Mug

So I’m a bit broke this year and have been scouting for cheap N’ cheerful DIY Christmas gifts!!

I found this inspiration from the many posts on Pinterest (love!) and made it for my very special friend Brendon!

What you need:

  • Dollar store mug – any colour (Brendon loves things bright so yellow it is)
  • Sharpie – an oil based one (I will explain why later!)
  • Paper
  • Lead pencil (2B or darker preferably)
  • An oven!

Step 1 – prepare

  • Clean your mug
  • Choose your design – I got my design inspiration from Brendon himself, who put this up as a Facebook post awhile back.
  • Print it – just plain A4 is fine

 Step 2 – mount it

  • Shade the back of your design with pencil then stick it to the mug with sticky tape.
  • Trace over the design on the other side and the pencil will wear through onto the mug – voila!!
  • All you do next is trace over the design with your OIL BASED sharpie (I used a normal sharpie first and it faded when I baked it…poo…see below)

Step 3 – cook it

  • Put the mug in the oven – when the oven is cold
  • Set the oven to about 220 degrees celcius
  • Bake it for about 45 minutes (timed from when the oven reaches temperature)
  • Turn the oven off and leave the mug in the oven until it is completely cool. This will help set the design.

When giving Brendon his mug for chrissy I’ll be saying, probably don’t chuck it in the dishwasher…reckon that might just remove the design, from what other bloggers have said!!

Total Cost = about $3!!


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