Vanilla Essence

Yum Yum!! Anything with Vodka is awesome I say šŸ˜‰

This is soooo easy….

I got the inspiration to make this from Tidy Mom’s blog, and added my own touch!

What you need:

Cool bottles or jars – i just went down to my local $2 shop and picked some up for $1.50 each.
Vodka (cheapest you can buy)
Vanilla Beans – the ratio is about 240ml : 3 vanilla beans
Bottle dress up stuff – to make them look pretty!!

Step 1 – Prepare!

Rinse your bottles in warm soapy water. Let them dry

Cut your vanilla beans in half, then slit them in two – breathe in the beautiful vanilla fragrance..

Step 2 – Masterpiece Creation!

Put 6 vanilla bean sections into each bottle (my bottles were around 240 mlx each), so that is 3 pods.

Fill with zee Vodka – weeee!!! Try not to swig any!!

Step 3 – Tart up your bottles!!

I used one of my favourite printed card sheets, that I got from Spotlight, to cut label backgrounds.

Then I improvised a vanilla extract label and stuck that over mine.

Everything was glued on using Modge Podge, and I did a couple of coats over the top to finish it off.

Then glued on some buttons, twisted on some twine and even stuck a mini spoon to the side of one as a bit of extra on the side. Go nuts!!!

Store them in a nice dark place – pantry is ideal!

Step 4 – Turn Em!

The vodka will start colouring within the first hour or so.

Just make sure you turn them once a week to even out the concentration.

After about 8 weeks you will have vanilla essence and the longer you leave it the stronger it will be!!

Just make sure the vanilla beans aren’t drying out. If they are cover em up with more of the Russian stuff!!


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